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Andre Vaughn Personal Development Coach
Andre Vaughn is a Personal Development Coach and a motivational speaker. He is a peek performer and a Network Marketing Guru.
A husband and a loving father of two beautiful twin girls, he is determined to empower others and to help them achieve their dreams and goals. His mission is to help you break through barriers and find a definite purpose in life. Over the years, Andre has earned millions of dollars in the Network marketing arena and is presently the Top Income Earner at FDI.
He holds a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and a Master's Degree in Education. Before getting involved in network marketing, he taught second grade while running a very busy Real Estate Brokerage Firm.
But like many of us in today's society, he was over worked and under fulfilled. He had a burning desire to grow and help others but felt limited by the amounts of time and resources allotted by teaching and entrepreneurship.
It became clear to Andre that the offerings of Corporate America and Civil Employment simply would not earn him the life and lifestyle that he dreamed for his family. I understood that the only path to an improved way of life was "the road less traveled".
He promptly made a decision to work hard and do what few people were willing to do. Andre's life is a true testament of what's possible when you set your mind to win. His attitude and energy is contagious. He continues to lift others by helping them to see the power they possess inside.
Andre took the position that if another man can do it, he could do it too. He believed that an opportunity for one confirmed opportunities for many. Andre strived to be and indeed became the BEST of the BEST!
He has motivated and helped thousands of people by using key strategies to help them reach their goals. He continues to build large organizations around the country and is dominating the network marketing arena. Andre is a world renowned speaker and is currently teaching his wealth building strategies all over the United States and abroad.
Client Success Stories
- Confidence

After attending Mr. Vaughn training seminar, I decided that it was time to take back my power. I lost my identity a long time ago and my goals and dreams went out of the door. Since attending the seminar, I have been following his principles on goal setting, targeting unresolved issues and taking action everyday towards my definite purpose. Now I am finding ways to express my talents and abilities. I am building my self confidence, I am setting my intention and goals ......

- Personal Development

His methods work. During our sessions, he made me realized, Why I can never left myself succeed, why I keep sabotaging myself. I am a big fan of Andre\'s coaching and personal development methods. I now can move my network marketing team forward and help them to achieve great results in their lives and career. -Larry Jones


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